Are you aware that IHT and Estate accounts take into consideration the value of assets of the dead? Know one thing that the value of assets keep on changing and this applies to the value of houses and shares. It is important to attain the correct valuation of asset to make things simpler for the executors. Whatisprobate.UK has a team of specialists who can value or appraise every type of asset the deceased owned. We are also associated with estate agents in different areas and thus we may connect them to you. Our professional valuers or probate valuers appraise each item, assets, personal possessions and chattels that include jewellery, art work, usual household content and antique pieces.

Do you know that our valuation reports are as per the open market value of Section 160 of Inheritance Tax Act 1984? Each valuation work complies with HMRC and is in line with RICS Red Book Guideline. Our hourly rate is fixed and you may discuss it out with us.

Our valuation services

We have a team of experts who value every type of asset quite accurately. Each and every lawyer has decades of experience handling all the legal aspects of the probate valuation. We may handle legal aspect of every type of property and every shape. The following are the kinds of valuations done:

  • Antique valuation
  • Jewellery valuation
  • House valuation for probation
  • Painting valuation

If you are confused whether or not our experts can appraise the value of certain asset, get in touch with us. It is easy to sell a probate property when our specialists can appraise every type of property from a small cottage to a huge mansion. We can value business premises, residential complexes including leasehold flats, ownership flats and freehold shared property. Whether or not you take probation services, call us now to collect price quote. Get friendly, efficient and courteous probation services with just a few clicks of mouse. As we take into consideration each kind of detail, you are saved from the stress.

We have lawyers, Trustees, Executors, and General Public who can provide a written valuation of assets and properties. If the estate or asset is close to Inheritance Tax threshold, then it is necessary to value household and general goods. If you don’t take professional valuation services, then you might be questioned by Revenue as to how the Executor calculated the value of the asset. Indeed, the executor may receive penalty for being negligent in this respect. Any possible investigation may again cause lengthy delays. So, it is better to look for Probate Valuation service.

 A range of probate valuation services

We have experts to offer first-rate valuation of house content. At Whatisprobate.UK, we offer a range of probate valuation services for private individuals, administrators, executors and solicitors. After the death of a person, the will executor needs to collect the assets and liabilities of deceased. These assets and liabilities need to be valued by a professional valuator. We offer 24X7 compassionate and comprehensive asset valuation services.