The Full Administration Services at What is Probate UK include the A to Z of estate administration!

Our Full Estate Administration services will definitely work for you if you do not have any idea of the probate procedure or the estate. We have been successful in garnering huge recognition for providing effective estate administration solutions to all our clients who do not have sufficient time to administer assets that are highly valuable. We have good experience in handling all major or minor concerns regarding beneficiaries with question on executor activities. Our initial discussions will help you handle all situations with complete ease and without having to go through any kind of hassle.

What Do We Have on Offer?

Our Full Administration solutions include:

  • Serving in the form of a go-between utility firms for obtaining a final data up to the date of death. Offering complete guidance to the executors in matters concerning available options.
  • Making arranegements for the advertisement of legal notices on the request of the administrators or executors.
  • Offering suggestions on notices that can be advertised for reducing the potential liability of the administrator or executor.
  • Accumulating relevant information regarding location and number of debts and assets.
  • Working in close collaboration with Department of Work and Pensions for ensuring that all pensions and benefits have been stopped. Handling repayments is also an important service that we offer.
  • Preparing and submitting inheritance tax return to HMRC. Suggesting on going for executor loans for covering tax only if required.
  • Offering suggestions on the terms of a Will
  • Determining the right figures and organising valuations for purposes like inheritance tax.
  • Handling HMRC in matters concerning capital gains or income tax liabilities for several years before the death. Handling tax liabilities erupting during the process of estate administration.
  • Advising the executors on the requirement of maintaining proper insurance plans covering the assets of the deceased during the procedure of estate administration.
  • Getting the Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate
  • Going for interim distributions wherever required.
  • Providing the copies of Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate to different institutions like building societies and banks.
  • Distributing estate and preparing estate data.
  • Discharging liabilities

We have complete expertise in handling or administering estates work billions of pounds without having our clients going through any kind of issues and complexities. we also possess good expertise in handling unusual circumstances and potential or actual claims with complete ease. If there are assets located overseas or you are looking for proper advice on handling business assets, then What is Probate UK can help you out in the best way possible. we are experts at handling estates with over 10 varied holdings of similar assets or shares. So, it can rightly be said that we are your ultimate destination for full estate administration solutions. with all the above mentioned exceptions, you can remain assured of getting fixed fee quotes from us and we live by our promises.