Our Fixed Fee services are available within surprisingly affordable rates!

Probate Lawyers generally offer their services on an hourly basis or they charge their clients a percentage of the value of the estate that they are required to administer or handle. There are downsides to both the service charge methods. Hourly basis payments might leave the executors confused about how much they actually need to pay as fee for the services of a Probate Lawyer. On the other hand, fees charged in the form of percentage of estate value might have the executors making huge payments especially if they have a huge estate to be administered.

If you are a first-time executor and you do not have any experience in understanding Probate fees then the only thing that you need to do is visit us at What is Probate UK? Giving us a call will help you in discussing your situation and in settling on a fee that matches the service level required. We are into providing fixed fee probate solutions which means that, as a client, you have a transparent idea of the amount that you would have to pay as service charge. With us, you also get the flexibility of discussing everything in an open way without worrying about the time that you have got in hand.

Using our fixed fee probate services will help you in saving a huge amount of money. Additionally, there might be certain expenditures that you might have to deal with outside our arena of services. Such charges include advertising fees and valuation fees. Along with this, you will also have to pay transportation costs. Give us a call to discuss your situation and we will help you with the service level required.

We take complete responsibility of the process of providing you with Grant of Probate by way of our Probate Complete solutions. additionally, we are also into handling property and estate related administration affairs, tax-related issues and legal problems.

How Can We Help?

Probate can prove to be a highly complex procedure. This is mainly because it involves different financial, legal, property and tax matters. Nevertheless, all these matters can easily be dealt with by taking the services of our experts at What is Probate UK? Avoid all kinds of legal jargons by getting a clear explanation of the Probate procedure at our office.

One thing that we will need on your end is the detail of the Estate of the deceased individual. we need this for offering you a written quote of our fixed fee probate. In case, you do not have the details, do not fret as we can help you with this as well.

With us, you can avail a Fixed Fee Probate quote based on individual situations of the Estate of the deceased. Our quotations might be affected by varied factors and complexities of the Estate that needs to be handled along with the nature and the value of the assets. Also, once we have given a quote, our prices will not change in any circumstances unless the information provided is found to be incorrect.