Do you need help with certain areas of estate management or estate administration? When an individual dies, he leaves behind assets and the one who is next to kin or the executor applies for the grant of probate and administration in order to deal with property or the assets left behind. Whatisprobate.Uk excels in offering Grant Only Service for administrators and executors having time to deal with their assets.

If an administrator or executor is familiar with the probate process, then our Grant Only Service is quite appropriate. If the value of the estate is low and the assets are also limited in number, get in touch with us for Executors Grant Only Service. Our services are meant for executors in particular looking to manage some portions of the estate. To deal with the death of a beloved and to ease the stressful situation when you lose someone dear, get our range of executors grant only service.

Our services

Looking for help in estate administration? We can help in every aspect of it. But, in order to take the service, you need to confirm in writing and give a list of services you are looking for. If you want to exclude certain services, then mention it clearly. You can expect the following services:

  • We can help to assemble all the information relating to Grant of Probate or the Letters of Administration Application. We can prepare the application, complete the documentation process and submit that to the Probate Registry. After the issuance of the Grant, you may go ahead to handle the estate without our assistance.
  • We are capable of drafting Notices, Legal statements, Renunciations and Affidavits needed to support your application. So, you may ensure flawless and error-free work
  • We have experts to help you find the missing beneficiary, if any
  • Give valuable advice on such notices that may help in reducing the liability being an executor
  • Calculate the exact figure for savings account of the deceased and making an estimate of the assets and property
  • As an executor or an administrator, you need to take an oath and we can help to draft the same
  • If you have any query with regards to Probate Registry, then you may approach us
  • We may offer you an official copy of grant
  • Complete HMRC inheritance tax return and help to resolve questions put up by HMRC with respect to Inheritance Tax, relief claims and tax calculation, allowances, etc.
  • Give you valuable advice on Deed of Variation of estate

We will make it clear in the beginning and make you aware of the services we do not offer. Using our service, you are going to ease the process of attaining probate at a faster pace. So, things are bound to become simpler for the executors. You may take one of our service packages and you will be charged a fixed price for that. Applying for grant may not be straightforward process, and so it is necessary to take Executors Grants Only Service. We will inform you how long it takes to attain the grant. So, give a call to our number now.